Cheap, Easy Tips for a Classy Dinner Party

11 September; Author: Espresso-Anytime

With the economy the way it is, few people have the disposable income necessary to go out to a fancy dinner with their friends or family. But just because you can’t go to an upscale restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a first-rate meal. Entertaining in your home is infinitely more affordable than going out, plus it gives you the opportunity to socialize at length and enjoy the comforts of your abode.

Making it a classy affair isn’t too difficult. A simple white tablecloth and some matching dinnerware is a good place to start. Also be sure that everything on the menu can easily be eaten with silverware, as finger-food as anything except hors d’oeuvres will have a distinct casual feel. Using a Cilio pepper mill, samovar or other traditional fine dining equipment is another great way to add a touch of class without breaking the bank.

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